Rugby offers a number of values that are essential in everyday life. Values such as passion, humility, respect, determination, commitment, teamwork, unselfishness, perseverance and loyalty are fostered in rugby. This is discussed more in the 'Core Values' section.

This is due to the format of the game: in rugby, every single player on the field has a role to play, and one can't play this role alone. Constant support to each other is necessary to succeed, hence the development of team spirit and other values. Solidarity is a key value in rugby, on and off the pitch.

Often, these values are so prevalent that rugby is nicknamed "the school of life", because we learn to respect the rules, the referees, our teammates, our coaches and the opponents. All these values are carried off the pitch. There is a great social aspect to playing rugby as well - a rugby club is like a family where you are sure to make and keep friends for life!

Even though rugby is a contact sport, skills and technique are also developed in order succeed and progress. In that respect rugby is a very complete sport, through the efforts players put in to adsorb the 'physical contact' side of the game as well as the initiatives they have to take when doing more tactical things.

Friendship & Camaraderie

The bonds you make in a rugby team will last you a lifetime and friendships continue to develop off of the field. No matter where in the world you may find yourself, if you can get yourself down to the local rugby club you know there's a community there who are going to welcome you with open arms. Sometimes playing rugby can be tough and its in these difficult games that you start to see the bonds between rugby players as they fight for one another.


Whether it be your team mate, the referee or an opponent, in rugby it's incredibly rare for everyone to fail to respect one another. You may not agree with every decision but you always call the referee "Sir" and you shake the oppositions hand after every game, no matter what happened on the field. This kind of respect is so rare in this day and age that it's fantastic to be part of a community that holds it as such a core value.

Rugby is fun!

Unlike just about any other team sport, rugby is about all players having the same opportunity to run with the ball, pass the ball, and play defense. You need everyone to participate, and because of that, everyone gets to participate. And since what we want for our kids at a young age is for them to get outside, run around, be a part of something, and enjoy themselves, it seems like rugby is a good choice.

It's Inclusive

Whatever your age, gender, size, weight, sexuality or tastes, rugby is a sport for everyone. Even within a single team you can find a huge mix of ages, heights and weights. In no other sport in the world can you find such a rag-tag mix of players who all seem to gel so well together.

What is Rugby?

Rugby is a free-flowing game that features a combination of strength, speed and STRATEGY to move a ball into an opponents territory ....

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Why play Rugby?

In rugby, every single player on the field has a specific role to play, but TEAMWORK is absolutely needed to achieve success ...

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Rugby core values

Rugby offers a number of values that are essential in everyday life. CORE VALUES such as passion, humility, respect, determination ....

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Rugby resources

Our common goal is to develop our sport. This page should help you get started and will provide some basic info necessary at all levels

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